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Dr.Reckeweg R54 Memory Drops


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Dr.Reckeweg Homeopathy R54 Memory Drops :

  • Disturbances in cerebral function, weakness of memory. Faulty spiritual development of school-children, indifference, lassitude exhaustion.
  • Mode of Action of Main Ingredients of Reckeweg Homeopathy R54 Memory Drops
  • A variety of remedies with particular cerebral activity are included in this complex. The individual symptomatologies as follows:
  • Anacardium: Specific action in weakness of memory.
  • Arsenicum album: Helpful in cerebral anaemia, stimulant of the cellular function.
  • Belladonna: In cerebral congestion.
  • Gelsemium: In vertigo.
  • Kalium phosphoricum: General tonic of the cerebral function. Excellent nutritive remedy for the nerves.
  • Lycopodium: Very effective with irregularities in the development of children, through its influence on the detoxicating function of the liver.
  • Sepia: Against exhaustion and morosity.

Dosage of Reckeweg Homeopathy R54 Memory Drops :

  • Generally 3-4 times daily 10-15 drops in some water before meals.
  • After improvement 2-3 times daily the same dose.


  • Complementary remedies:R33 for epileptic tendency.
  • R36 with soothing effect in chorea minor and the nervosity of children.
  • R31 in anaemia.

Dr.Reckeweg Homeopathy R54 Memory Drops : 

Dr.Reckeweg R54 drops are indicated for disturbances in cerebral functions, weakness of memory, acts as stimulant of cellular function. R54 is very effective in correcting the irregularities in mental development of children.  Useful for symptoms of cerebral congestion and vertigo.


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